Why visit Eindhoven during Fall: Dutch Design Week and GLOW.

Autumn has started!
It is getting darker and colder every day: Autumn has started in The Netherlands! If you are planning a visit sometime during the upcoming months, then it’s worth it to visit more places in The Netherlands than only Amsterdam! In this blog I take you to Eindhoven, a city in the south of The Netherlands. I can explain you how to travel to this city from Amsterdam, but Eindhoven also has an airport itself, so maybe you can even travel to this city in a direct way! What is so special about Eindhoven during this time of the year? Continue reading!

October 22-30: Dutch Design Week
This year the 15th edition of the Dutch Design Week (DDW) will take place. The theme is “the making of” and 2500 national and international designers will show their work. This event has Dutch in its name, but it is the largest design event in Northern Europe, and it is spread over 80 locations in the city! The main focus of the DDW is innovative design, although all aspects of the design world will be present. For more information about the DDW you can visit the website of it here. You can find a link to information for international visitors on it.

November 12-19: GLOW
In November Eindhoven is also an interesting city to visit. In this month the city will be filled with the light festival GLOW! There are two routes you can walk, while you can enjoy the artworks made of lights. There are several kinds of artworks: some are projected on buildings, some are interactive, and other artworks are experiments of the GLOW next 2016 project. In these experimental artworks you will find out light is more than a lightbulb! This event is free and big: last year 730.000 visitors attended! For all practical information, you can visit the website here. A short introduction to GLOW you can see in the trailer below!

Eindhoven city
If you have the time to visit the city itself, then here are a couple of tips! Eindhoven is a city of innovation and technology. It has a university of technology and for example the Philips company has its origins here! What you will find in Eindhoven is a lot of modern architecture, although there are still also historical buildings to visit like the Catharina Calthedral. Eindhoven is also a green city: it has a lot of parks! And finally, if you are looking for a nice place for dinner or drinks, the Markt, a square in the city center is worth a visit!



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